Instagram Carousel Downloader

Download multi-image and video posts online and save them for offline use.

How to download Instagram Carousel posts

Download and save multiple photos and videos from Instagram following these few steps...

  • 1 Open the Carousel post that has the images and videos that you want to download.
  • 2 Copy the post link and save it to your clipboard.
  • 3 Paste the link in to input field above titled Paste Instagram link...
  • 4 Click the Download button to generate the Carousel download links. Use the slider to select which image or video you want to save.
Instagram Carousel Downloader

Carousel Downloader for Instagram

Instagram introduced the Carousel feature in 2017, which allows users to submit a collection of up to ten photographs or videos as a single post. They're similar to Instagram albums in that they're collections of permanent photographs or videos.

You could use Carousel posts to share your favorite moments from your work Christmas party, from setting up to when you leave. Alternatively, make a step-by-step craft post that people can find on your profile at any time.

Just like any other Instagram content, there is no way to download Carousel posts from within the app. Instead, you either need to install a browser plugin or a third-party app on your phone.

Here at Instaoffline, we developed a tool to solve that problem! Using our Instagram Carousel downloader, you can download Carousel posts quickly and securely using our online interface.

Questions and answers

What is Carousel Downloader for Instagram?

The Carousel Downloader for Instagram is an online tool that allows you to download Instagram Carousel posts to your computer or mobile device. This programme is the easiest method online for downloading Carousel posts you can't live without.

Can I save Insta Coursel posts for free?

Yes. Anyone can use this Insatoffline tool for free for as long as they want. Check out our other free tools, such as the IG Video downloader, Photo downloader, and Reels downloader.

Is the Coursel downloader legal?

Yes. The Instaoffline's tool for content saving Carousel posts is completely safe and legal. Keep in mind that the media that other users have published to their accounts is exclusively for personal use once it's been saved.

Do you keep track of my downloads?

No we do not keep track of user downloads. Our approach to user privacy and personal data is not to track anything. We respect the privacy of our users.