View and Download Instagram profile pictures in full size with InstaDP.

How to use InstaDP

Download Instagram display picture following the few steps below...

  • 1 Navigate to the official Instagram app and locate the users who's profile picture you'd like to download.
  • 2 Get the link account by tapping the share icon and choosing the option to copy.
  • 3 Enter the link that was copied from Instagram in the text field above..
  • 4 Initiate the download process by clicking the Download button, After the URL is processed, you can select the green 'download' button to save the Insta DP on your mobile phone.

InstaDP: A tool for accessing and saving Instagram profile pictures

InstaDP is a Web-App that allows you to download your favorite influencer's profile display picture from Our tool can be especially helpful if you're wanting to back-up a certain user's profile picture as we provide you options to download the display photo in high-quality.

InstaDP's ability to access and save profile pictures even when the user's account is set to private is one of its primary advantages. For those who want to keep a photo of a friend, member of their family, or a work colleague whose account is private, this makes it the perfect tool. Additionally, InstaDP users have the option to download high-resolution images, which is helpful for individuals who plan to print or use the image on other platforms.

Downloading a profile photo on Instagram is easy. Simply enter the username of the user whose photo you want to download and click the Save button. The tool will take care of the rest, and you'll have the picture saved on your device in no time.

InstaDP is a very practical and handy programme that enables users to see and save Instagram profile photographs with ease.

Questions and answers

Why use InstaDP?

Businesses and marketers can benefit greatly from using Instagram DP. They can quickly and easily grab and utilise the profile pictures of influencers, companies, or competitors for their own marketing efforts without having to seek permission, which can save a good amount of time and money.

Can I view profile photos in high-quality?

Yes, you can view Instagram profile photos in high-quality. InstaDP downloader allows you to view and download Instagram profile pictures in high-resolution.

Can I download Reel videos?

Yes, it is possible to download Instagram Reel videos using our official Reels video downloader. This tool will allow you to download an unlimited number of Instagram Reels without any restrictions.

Does it work on iPhones?

InstaDP is web-based, which means it does not require any downloads or installations and it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It also works with a wide range of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Is using InstaDP considered safe?

Using InstaDP for downloading Instagram profile pictures is secure. We do not store or retain any information provided by users on our website. Additionally, our website has data encryption in place to protect against potential threats.